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RMA designed, developed, and owns two business-oriented web sites:    and

The Utility Warehouse

The Utility Warehouse is an e-commerce site designed for ease in listing equipment, material and parts for sale and for ease in searching for items needed.  The site is a worldwide, on-line marketplace where sellers can realize market, rather than scrap value for their new and used surplus equipment, materials and parts and buyers can find items they need to meet emergency or short term requirements at reasonable prices.  It is particularly designed to serve utilities and large industrial clients, but is versatile enough to serve any buyer's or seller's needs. 

The site was developed as an internet site where utility members could buy and sell equipment, material and parts directly to and from one another.  In 1997, it was broadened to include industrial equipment, materials and parts.

Our Mission Statement is:  “To provide a cost effective, worldwide, virtual warehousing service, which meets or exceeds the expectations of its users and to expand the information and user base of the system to take advantage of recognized follow-on markets in an efficient and profitable manner”

The Utility Warehouse has gone through several facelifts over the years.  However, it continues to serve the primary goal of making it easy for businesses and individuals to list their surplus items and even easier for potential buyers to search for items using search engines built into the site.  The ease with which items are listed and maintained has caused some businesses with relatively small inventories to use the Utility Warehouse as an inventory management system. 

Sellers pay an annual fee to list as many items as they want in the warehouse.  Buyers and browsers pay nothing to search for items in the warehouse, without bothersome registrations or any undo encumbrances.

RMA also provides other ancillary services for customers; web site hosting, special advertising, etc.  For more information on these services and the utility warehouse in general, please visit our web site.


Power Plants On Line

RMA developed this web site in 2000 to provide a focal point for RMA sales of all types of new and used, surplus Electric Power Plants and Equipment.  On this site RMA lists everything from small gensets to power islands rated to hundreds of megawatts.  It also lists steam power generators, biomass plants, hydro-turbine generators, and wind-powered generators.

If the power generating equipment you are seeking is not listed on the site, please contact RMA.  Our power plant sales facilitators, Milt Fyre or Lane Kadel will be pleased to assist you.


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