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RMA Management

With over 75 years combined experience, RMA managers have the extensive knowledge necessary to assure successful completion of any project.  They have the technical knowledge to understand the work and the experience selecting and managing people to assure quality results.  RMA employs this directly-related experience to screen and select the best candidates available to meet our clients' needs.  RMA provides short resumes of pre-screened "best-fit" candidates for our clients’ review.

RMA Personnel

RMA has over 80 project managers, construction managers, contract administrators and construction inspectors with varied backgrounds available for assignment.  They are capable of meeting any of your project requirements.  Many have over thirty years of experience in the electric utility and forest product industries as project managers, construction managers, contract administrators, inspectors, civil & electrical engineers, civil & electrical engineering technicians, electricians and linemen.  They have experience performing, supervising, managing, and inspecting construction of transmission and distribution lines; fiber optic systems; substations; communication and control systems; fish hatcheries, screens and ladders; dams; roads, bridges, and retaining walls; buildings; landfills; oil containment facilities; and environmental remediation.  Some have experience working in electrical and material laboratories, performing tests on construction materials, suspected hazardous materials, and electrical equipment.  Others have the knowledge and experience to be safety watchers, take "holds" and schedule outages on lines, substations and substation facilities.

RMA personnel have broad varying backgrounds, but they all possess specific knowledge and experience related to the construction management/inspection trade.  The specific requirements for RMA project and construction management personnel are:

  1. Understand project components, active parties, interested parties and work toward common project goals.
  2. Ability to read and understand construction contract documents, especially technical requirements.
  1. Ability to read and understand design drawings, material lists, and other design documents, e.g., structure lists, stringing manuals, sag charts, access road summaries and clearing advisories.
  1. Ability to write clearly and communicate orally.
  1. Ability to act decisively, but fairly, when dealing with contractors.
  1. Ability to observe, document, and report on contractor compliance with contract documents without addressing contractor's means and methods.  Understand the need to promptly identify and report on non-compliance.
  1. Understand responsibility to inform contractors of deficiencies found and to report such incidents to the owner's representative.  Understand they are not to direct nor give the impression they are directing the contractor’s work in any way.
  1. Understand that clarification of requirements, beyond simple interpretations and resolution of discrepancies, is the responsibility of the owner.  RMA employees’ responsibility is to initiate appropriate requests to the owner without delay.
  1. Understand the need to immediately notify the owner and RMA in the event of any reportable spill or other hazardous or toxic material incident occurring at the job site.
  1. Understand the need to perform their work safely and to immediately report any construction accident involving personnel or property to the owner and RMA.

RMA Experience

RMA has been providing construction management and construction inspection services since May, 1995.  The following is a list of clients and representative projects:

Bonneville Power Administration

Since 1995 RMA has provided inspection support for over 80 projects.  They cover construction of site development, roads, parking lots, substations, transmission lines, and buildings; installation of fiber optic cables on existing transmission structures; and vegetation control/clearing projects.

CH2M-Hill Hanford Group, Inc.

Provided professional, technical and inspection services for the construction and testing of a new 230-kV transmission line and substation, including control house, control and relay systems.  Project is located on the USDOE Hanford Nuclear Reservation.

 Federal Highway Administration

RMA provided inspection support for eleven road and bridge construction projects on the Malheur, Wallowa-Whitman, Umatilla, Gifford-Pinchot, Siuslaw, Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie, Olympic and Colville/Kaniksu National Forests in Oregon and Washington.

 U.S. Forest Service

Since 1996, RMA has provided contract administration/inspection services for construction of retaining walls, forest roads, buildings, stream revetment and landscape projects in Oregon, Washington and Northern California. 

Also performed safety inspections on 42 bridges located on the SiuslawNational Forest. 

NSR Information, Inc.

Provide reconnaisance, assessment, design and inspection services for access roads associated with BPA transmission lines.  Provide other technical and professional BPA project support services. 

Unified Sewerage Agency

Provided supplemental inspection needs.  Work included inspection of contractors' work to assure compliance with prescribed storm water pollution prevention measures.  Also included inspection and testing of sewer line installation.

Corbett School District

Project management and inspection for asbestos removal from buildings to be razed.

Owners representative and inspection for a new elementary school and other capital improvement projects.


RMA is committed to customer service and is proud of its record of providing construction management personnel on a moments notice to meet client requirements.  We have a large cadre of highly motivated, knowledgeable and experienced personnel available to serve any construction management or inspection need.  Our employees demonstrate a willingness to work long hours, weekends and holidays to support our clients' requirements.  RMA managers emphasize the need for all of our personnel to perform their work safely.  We have not had an inspector on-the-job injury.

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