Resource Management Associates, Inc.

Consulting Services

RMA has performed a number of special studies for both domestic and international clients.  The studies were directly associated with the US Electric Utility Industry practices and equipment.  They include:


  • 500kV Double Circuit Transmission Line Project Summary Report, including design criteria, engineering considerations, final designs and construction practices for AG Industries, Japan
  • Lightning Outage Study and Design Practices in the US for AG Industries, Japan
  • Meeting to discuss US practices, challenges and procedures involved in locating, engineering, designing and constructing 500kV transmission lines with representative of Tohoku Electric Power Co., Japan
  • Desk Study on Electricity Transmission Standards and Specifications Manual for Malaysia for US Trade Development Agency, USA
  • Market research on HV and EHV insulators preferences of major US electric utilities for Strategic Decisions Group, USA
  • Study documenting historic power plant prices for Deloitte and Touche, USA
  • Expert witness on power plant brokering practices for Farris, Vaughn, Wills & Murphy, B.C. Canada
  • Estimate market value of  power plant on the secondary market for El Paso Electric, USA
  • Valuation on power plant equipment for Wolks Integrated Technical Services, USA


Resource Management Associates, Inc.

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