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Since 1996 RMA has performed engineering and design and provided technical services for work on several hundred, project sites covered by more than 100 orders.  Most of the project work resulted in construction bid packages; complete with general and specific technical specifications, schedule of items and engineer’s estimate.  A list of customers and work performed follows:

 U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service – RMA has performed surveying, engineering and design work for 10 National Forests in Oregon, Washington and Northern California.  RMA has received over 70 orders to engineer and design roads, bridges, trails, culverts, and ancillary facilities as listed below:

Field surveyed and designed the decommissioning of roads no longer needed to maintain access to public lands.  Designs included water bars, natural stream restoration, culvert removal and access barriers.

Surveyed, engineered and designed culvert replacements and installations to repair damaged sites and/or to enhance fish passage for endangered anadromous fish.

Designed installation of bridges, including abutments and approaches.

Designed several trail bridges.

Performed condition assessments and inventoried Level 3, 4 and 5 roads.

Performed stream layer/geomorphic mapping.

Performed reconstruction surveys, engineered, and designed timber sale roads.

Engineered and designed left turn lanes and deceleration lanes on OR State Highways 22 and 126 to accommodate safe ingress and egress from new District Ranger Stations.

Engineered and designed parking lots for FS facilities and public recreational sites.

Developed a rock source pit plan.

Prepared land boundary description and performed land adjustment title legal description reviews.

Inspected 43 bridges.  A certified bridge inspector prepared a report on each one

U.S. Department of Energy, Bonneville Power Administration – RMA locates and designs access roads for BPA’s electrical transmission line construction and maintenance purposes, including:

Designed new and upgraded access roads for eighteen construction and numerous maintenance projects.  Access roads are designed to permit access to transmission line structures by heavy equipment (cranes, reel pullers/tensioners, pole trucks and line trucks).

Designed improvements in existing access roads for passage of endangered anadromous fish, including culvert and bridge replacements.

Performed testing and commissioning services for new and upgraded electric utility substations.

Other Customers:

 Hoodoo Ski Area Management, Sisters, OR – Performed preliminary engineering and design to identify alternatives for repair and improvement to an existing multi-user, steep-graded road to the peak of a mountain.  Study report included alternatives and cost analysis.

North Santiam Watershed Council, Salem, OR – Prepared engineering report on culvert/bridge replacement, with recommendations.

South Santiam Watershed Council, Sweet Home, OR – Designed creek revetment and oversaw construction activities.

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