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Power Plant Sales

RMA deals in electric power plants and power plant equipment.  In such dealings, RMA takes measures to avoid involvement in unworkable and expensive broker chains, by dealing directly with qualified buyers and sellers of the equipment.  In those instances where a trusted colleague is involved, RMA still takes steps to assure that the buyers and sellers deal directly with each other.  We believe this enhances communication on both business terms and technical terms, thus assuring buyer and seller satisfaction.  RMA generally assesses a commission fee from the seller or a finders fee from the buyer, or both, depending on circumstances.  RMA does not charge fees for this service unless a sale is made to an RMA registered buyer or a purchase is made from an RMA registered seller.

RMA makes great use of our business web sites in conducting our power plant sales business.  We have established great rapport with utilities, independent power producers and other sellers.  We are found easily by buyers searching for power plants and equipment on one of our sites.  If one searches for “power plants for sale” on any of the major internet search engines, either the UtilityWarehouse or powerplantsonline sites come up in top positions.

RMA also provides related services through its many partners and associates; including refurbishing (zero-houring) prime movers and generators, engineering, shipping, site development, construction management, installation, commissioning and financing.  RMA has partners capable of providing turnkey power generation projects.  RMA also has partner firms capable of  providing rebuilt and after market parts for power plant equipment, including substation equipment.

One of RMA’s associate firms provides turnkey installation of combined heat and power (CHP) facilities.  The firm’s focus is on CHP opportunities in the one to ten MW range, but is capable of installing much larger facilities.  This firm will handle everything from permitting and establishing power purchase agreements to operation and maintenance.  This firm will either own the facilities and sell heat and power to the host or construct the facility for the owner/user, with provisions to operate and maintain, if desired.  

Resource Management Associates, Inc.

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