Resource Management Associates, Inc.

Staffing Support Services

Since 1995, RMA has been providing staffing support services to Federal and Local public agencies.  RMA provides professional, semi-professional, technical and craft trade personnel to supplement agencies' in-house capabilities during peak seasons and on a project basis. 

Professional and semi-professional services have been in the areas of surveying and engineering, silviculture surveys, logging system development, land title legal reviews and mentoring. 

Technical services include design, road assessments, AutoCad and other drafting services, data analyses, and automated data handling. 

RMA also is providing general shop and warehousing support to a major electric utility.  Our union employees include machinists, sheet metal workers, welders, plumbers, painters, heavy mobile equipment mechanics, material handlers, and heavy truck drivers.  RMA is signatory to labor agreements with the following unions:  Teamsters, Painters, Machinists, Plumbers and Pipe Fitters, and Sheet Metal Workers.

RMA has interested potential employees capable of providing a whole host of services beyond those mentioned.  Many of the employees we assign to such work are retired with have extensive experience and knowledge, and are willing to work on a part time; full-time, part year; or project basis.  This flexibility works equally well for the employee, our clients and RMA.

RMA operates its own accounting and payroll system and has all of the mechanisms in place to employ any number of specialists in Oregon and Washington for assignment to support any of our clients' particular requirements.

Resource Management Associates, Inc.

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